Martha Voulgari

Martha Voulgari

BA Hons Dance, Dance Certificate AAABT, ArtAction Pilates Certified Teacher, Aerial Yoga Arts Certified Teacher, NYSY 300hrs Abhaya Yoga Certified Teacher

Three alternative courses, three approaches to therapy, well-being, better physical and mental health and balance! Start your own magical journey in yogic philosophy and the Pilates method and improve the quality of your life.

Martha Voulgari has been a dancer and a teacher of classical and contemporary dance.

In 2002 she completed her higher studies in dance and dance education and since then she danced as a member of Greek modern and neoclassical dance companies. In 2004 she moved to New York for further training where she remained for five years. Martha got her Certificate from «The Ailey School» and was awarded the first scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation and the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, as well as multiple scholarships abroad.
During her stay in New York, she was one of the most dedicated and active members of International House NYC. She organized, choreographed and danced in several performances with other community members based on themes of international and multicultural background. Until 2010 she has worked at the Omnilogy Inc, an organization dedicated to the cultural education of minors and young people in need, based in Philippines and New York, as a member of the Board and as Artistic Director. Alongside her action in the intercultural education, she worked as artist in residence and dancer with various dance groups in New York, as well as a freelancer in music, dance and theatre independent festivals and projects.

In 2011, Martha moved in Nea Makri, Greece and she was introduced to Joseph Pilates physical fitness system, which won her over completely. She has been trained in the innovative and therapeutic method of ArtAction Pilates by Christina Polyzou, President of the Greek Pilates Association. She studied under Theoni Politi, main member and instructor of ArtAction Pilates, obtaining her certification and mastering the exercises and the philosophy of the method. Pilates and the simple, therapeutic approach of its principals, led her to pursuit further knowledge on holistic practices.

Her dancing background found a perfect match in the playful, revolutionary, and acrobatic Aerial Yoga and in 2015 she completed her training in Aerial Yoga Arts, in Grafts Hellas.

It was this knowledge that introduced her to the philosophy of the holistic practice of yoga, and seeking to learn more, she joined the NYSY studios, where she started her personal inner journey to the uniquely inspiring, dynamic and therapeutic practice of Vivi Letsou, Abhaya Yoga. A journey in the body, mind, heart, strength and fearlessness. A long journey, enjoyable and determinant.

In June 2015, she opens the Studio Body Analysis, a well-equipped studio of high aesthetic quality, open to people of all ages and physical condition, in order to share the therapeutic and beneficial effects of her training.

Her teaching method is complete and comprehensive, with excellent knowledge and performance, focusing among other things on the support and personal development of each individual student, regardless of age and level.

Nadia Ioannidou

Nadia Ioannidou

Dance Certificate “Niki Kontaxaki Dance School”, Studio One Pilates certified teacher

Nadia Ioannidou was born and raised in Nea Makri, Attica, Greece.

At the age of 5 she started classical dance classes.

From a very young age she knew that she wanted to become a dance teacher, therefore growing up she successfully passed the exams and was accepted to the Art High School, where she majored in Dance.

After graduating from high school, she was admitted to the Higher Dance school “Niki Kontaxaki”, where she completed her higher studies in dance and dance teaching.

Since 2015 she has been working as a dancer and ballet teacher for children and adults, while she has also obtained many teaching and dancing degrees in Argentine tango and Latin Dance.

 Through her dancing career, she has participated in performances at the “Megaron Mousikis”, in various Galas, dance events and dance competitions.

 In 2016 she introduced herself as a practitioner on the Pilates method. She gets her Pilates Certification from “STUDIO ONE” Fitness Academy and starts working as a pilates instructor in various pilates studios and gyms. Combining her dance knowledge, her pilates knowledge and her love for both techniques, she disciplines in every requirement. In her classes, she emphasizes on the correct posture and the needs of each one of her students individually from the youngest to the oldest.

Virginia Antoniadou

Virginia Antoniadou

ΒΑ Dance, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Certified Teacher, Aerial Yoga Certified Teacher, Yin Yoga Certified Teacher, Physicalmind Institute Pilates Certified Teacher, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Certified Therapist

Virginia Antoniadou holds a Bachelor of Arts in dance, specializing in classical ballet, but also with an emphasis on contemporary dance and many years of studies in oriental and flamenco. She has attended many seminars with reknown dance schools and teachers from Greece and abroad, such as the Alvin Ailey Dance School in Manhattan in New York, Yoga, Indian Philosophy and Dance Therapy seminars with Leda Shantala, and Ensemble Physical Theater & Improvisation seminars with John Britton. With extensive dance theater studies and seminars in physical theater, dance therapy and improvisation, she has performed all around Greece and Germany, and continues to be an active member of the art and ancient dance group “Atrapos” till the present day.

Her devotion to dance and her interest in an alternative way of life, led her to new paths and various additional studies, aiming professional trainings in techniques that contribute to the well-being, wellness and energy balancing of  the body.

She is a Sivananda Yoga Vedanta International Academy certified Yoga teacher, where she earned the title of Yoga Siromani at Dhanwantari Ashram, at Kerala, India. She is a certified Aerial Yoga and a Yin Yoga teacher from Swaha Yoga Center.

In addition, she has studied Pilates at the Physicalmind Institute in New York (mat & equipment), a technique known for its beneficial effects on the body and mind. She is also a certified therapist of traditional Thai massage (Thai Yoga Massage). From 2005 till present she teaches traditional Hatha Yoga and Pilates in many dance schools, gyms and in private sessions.

Vasia Dimopoulou

Vasia Dimopoulou

House of Yoga 200h Yoga Aliance Certified Teacher

Vasia was born and raised in Nea Makri, Attica.

At the age of about 5, she started classical ballet and then modern dance until she was 17, during which time she participated in many dance performances.

Despite her studies at the Philosophical School of Athens, she was always involved in gymnastics, looking for the sport that would interest her the most.

So, around 2019, yoga entered her life and won not only her interest but also her heart.

After 3 years as a student, her love for yoga and her need to immerse herself in it more, pushed her to become Yoga Alliance’s Yoga 200h instructor at the House of Yoga school in October 2022.

Since then she has been generously sharing her knowledge, energy and love for yoga with her students.

Lydia - Anna Kalanzti

Lydia - Anna Kalanzti

Lydia-Anna (Lydia) Kalatzi is a graduate of NHS Reflexology, Holistic and Nutrition, Ayurvedic Massage. He attends physical therapy/kinesitherapy, massage, aromatherapy, preparation of natural and herbal cosmetics seminars from 2005 until today. He holds A and B degree Reiki.

She owes her contact with reflexology to her family friends Alexandra Kolovou, co-founder of the Association of Greek Reflexologists, and her daughter Delphi Xenia from the age of 7.

He deals with the application, study and teaching of the above sciences from 2008 until today and specializes in the study of cases that require combined complementary knowledge. He has served as an administrative member of the Hellenic Reflexologists Association (SER) in the position of treasurer in 2012. He regularly writes articles in magazines and sites with alternative content.

In 2008 she was co-owner of the Key Learning Diploma school of natural sciences and in 2010 she founded the IASIMO holistic treatment center in Athens until 2014.

From 2013-2015 she was responsible for the teaching department of reflexology theory and practical application, at the OM-European Shiatsu school.

From 2015 until today, he delivers seminars in Greece and Cyprus and deals with personal cases privately and in collaborative spaces.