Aerial Yoga Arts

Aerial Yoga is a revolutionary and playful branch of the holistic practice of yoga. By the aid of a special soft but durable fabric (hammock) hanging from the ceiling, Aerial yoga gives the practitioner the opportunity to explore, redefine and develop the traditional yoga asanas … on the air!!!

Aerial yoga uses gravity to strengthen and align the body; to decompress aching vertebrae of the spine and balance body and spirit. The body is always securely supported, having the opportunity to broaden the limits of movement and flexibility, lengthen the spine and relax the nervous system.

In this 60-minute Aerial Yoga practice, you will work out, fly, but you will also feel the authentic yoga experience: the unity of mind, spirit, body, breath and energy.


  • strengthens and stretches the spine
  • decompresses joints and vertebrae acting therapeutically
  • increases flexibility, balance and physical stamina
  • develops intelligence, perception and memory
  • significantly improves our mood, since the reverse asanas stimulate and balance hormones
  • helps alleviate fears and phobias while it cultivates optimism and confidence

Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life...

Β.Κ.S Iyengar