Yoga is based on a 5000 years old tradition and means “union” or “harmony”. The most popular yoga practice in the West is Hatha yoga, under the name of which all the different types of yoga that focus on body training are included. Yoga, besides the physical practice (asanas), also includes concentration practice (dharana), meditation and breathing practices (pranayama).

I really regret going yoga today

…said no one ever!

Abhaya Yoga

In Body Analysis Studio we focus on a more dynamic form of Hatha yoga, the Abhaya Yoga. A training method, meditation and an attitude to life, created by Vivi Letsou, M.A., B.S., 500RTY Yoga Alliance and founder of NYSY Studios, inspired by the classic Abhaya mudra – No Fear. As the essence of traditional and modern yoga schools, the Abhaya Yoga combines strong principles of body alignment, therapeutic principles and a dynamic pace practice (vinyasa), in order to loose the body, soothe the nervous system and gather the mind.

We choose higher alignment, through meditation, the bridge that brings harmony to the inner and outer world. Abhaya Yoga invites us to the liberating path of self-knowledge and fearless action in life!


  • aligns the body and breathing
  • strengthens, tones and sculpts the body
  • develops strength, balance, flexibility and durability
  • balances the nervous, hormonal and circulatory system
  • concentrates the mind
  • awakens the life force