Reflexology is a science based on the existence of reflex points on the soles and palms, corresponding to each organ and body part. Stimulating these points with specific pressure techniques, self-healing body forces are released which act beneficially by balancing the body and restoring physical harmony.

Reflexology is a gentle, natural and safe treatment and health care method.

It does not recommend or administer medication, does not cause side effects and can be combined with any other method of treatment or medication


  • improves and treats musculoskeletal disorders (neck, waist pains, etc.)
  • improves the circulation of blood acting beneficially on cardiovascular problems (circulatory, hypertension, hypotension, etc.)
  • balances hormonal fluctuation and significantly reduces pain and arrhythmias during menstruation
  • effectively relieves headaches, insomnia and intestinal problems
  • reduces stress by releasing endorphins, the natural analgesic substances in the body
  • harmonizes all the body functions
  • In case you want to cancel a class reservation a prior notice is required. This can be done over the phone.
  • In cases of no cancelation in advance or last minute cancelation the class will be charged.